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These Doctors have been fired, censored, and literally erased for following the science and not the narrative of the WHO, CDC, and FDA. It's time to take a stand!

This video is quickly being removed from many accounts, I have a short version backed up in case YouTube further censors this message!

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Other than a handful of articles, The MSM is being very quiet about this movement, as with The Freedom Convoy in Canada, it'll be only a matter of time before they'll spin a false narrative that the Legacy Media will eat up!

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I will give credit, where credit is due.
Part of the Legacy Media, namely CTV actually did a report that 2 incidents are being investigated, the horse trampling and the point-blank shooting of a reporter!
So, for the sheep out there that believed it was a "Photoshopped" Video, first of all, no such thing, as well, there are at least 4 angles of that particular incident that were uploaded within minutes of it happening. As well, they show her leaving the hospital, so, no, she is not dead, she had a broken clavicle.
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