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Friday, 18 February 2022 02:36

Freedom Convoy: Brian Peckford Speech - Canadian Charter Of Rights & Freedoms Feb.15 2022 Featured

Written by Freedom Fighter
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I for one was never a fan of The Honorable Mr. Peckford. I actually despised him when he was our Premier here in Newfoundland. That was over 40 years ago and I was a young boy and didn't know any better.

But when I saw his interview with Jordan Peterson (Click to see that interview) last week, I was actually quite impressed and wasn't really aware that he is the only living person who drafted and signed the Charter of Rights and Freedoms back in 81-82. He is actually going to take on the current government for violating several articles of The Charter. He should know, as 1 of the people who wrote it, including the father of our now Prime Minister, probably one of the only good things Piere Elliot Trudeau did for our country when he was in power, otherwise, it's like father, like son.

One thing that Mr. Peterson mentioned in another post was when he was interviewing Mr. Peckford, he told him he was doing that podcast because he didn't trust any media outlet in Canada to actually report it correctly without putting a spin on it to make Trudeau look good, Mr. Peterson says that is a sad day for democracy in Canada!

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