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The Coronavirus Act has officially expired in England on March 25th, 2022

Written by Freedom Fighter
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Source Lewis Brackpool

At midnight on the 25th of March, the Coronavirus Act of 2020 officially expired in England. The legislation was designed to temporarily use government emergency powers to change and bypass other laws and legislation to “combat coronavirus to stop the spread of the virus.”

Key provisions included:

  • Postponement of elections, referendums, recall petitions, and canvass
  • Control of events, gatherings, and the use of premises
  • Power to suspend port operations
  • NHS pension schemes: suspension of restrictions on return to work
  • Temporary closure of educational institutions and childcare premises.
  • Extension of time limits for the retention of fingerprints and DNA profiles
  • Suspension: transportation, storage, and disposal of dead bodies

Whilst politicians struggle to define what a woman is, the cost of living has increased dramatically with the biggest drop in living standards since 1956, the heaviest tax burden since the 1940s, and a cut of income tax by only one penny for most taxpayers — but not until 2024.

There will be no accountability for the gaslighting, the lies, and the deceit that has been inflicted over the last two years on the citizens of this country.

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