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BC Freedom Convoy 2022
Citizens 4 Change
meet 150 Brant Drive
Shell Station, Campbell River
This is a weekly event, every Saturday!

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Well, it looks like the truckers in Canada may just get the last laugh after a judge ruled in their favor that their protest was completely legal. On top of that, it appears they will be suing the City of Ottawa.

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau condemned the protest as illegal. Now some of his key opponents are embracing it.

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  • Antifa and conservative protesters clashed in Portland over the weekend
  • On Saturday, conservatives rallying for gubernatorial candidate Stan Pulliam were hit with smoke bombs by a group of black-clad Antifa protesters
  • Police said 'significant explosions' were heard in the area; No arrests were made
  • On Friday, a small crowd threw things at a 'People's Convoy' from an overpass
  • One-shot was fired, but no injuries were reported and no arrests were made 
  • Crime in Portland has risen since the pandemic, with the city hitting an all-time high of 91 murders last year
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The civil servant claims she was wrongfully axed for Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s 'personal political gain'.

A former senior Ontario government spokeswoman said she was fired from her job within minutes of being outed as a convoy protest donor, even though she was a loyal soldier for the government.

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 Dear Freedom Family, (a message from Ted Kuntz, President, Vaccine Choice Canada)

In recognition of the 40th anniversary of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, a National Citizen’s Conference will be held in Victoria, BC to assemble a coalition of leaders, including the Honourable Brian Peckford, to discuss the future of democracy in Canada. This gathering to Reclaim Canada will take place from May 28th to May 29th and will be jointly hosted by We Unify CanadaTaking Back Our FreedomsVaccine Choice CanadaFreedom Rising, and many others.

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 Miles Forrest is a former silicon valley tech, who from the early days has been a part of the technology community that built Twitter, Twitch, Groupon, and others.

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 Police4freedom has a section on their site for the collection of Police Violence reports from Ottawa and ANY other incidents involving unlawful police violence or coercion against peaceful, law-abiding citizens.

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