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Tuesday, 22 February 2022 18:43

Why you won't see Legacy Media posts on here, other than to debunk the fake news

Written by Freedom Fighter
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99% of the Canadian media has been bought and paid for by Justin Adolph Trudeau and therefore can't be trusted to report any news regarding anything important to the people.

They are being forced to either suppress stories about Trudeau that put him in a bad light. When they do report, they will carry his narrative, no matter how outrageous it sounds.

It's a documented fact that reporters have had major stories thrown out because it would make Justin Adolph Trudeau look bad and they don't want to lose all the money given to them by Trudeau, some reporters have even quit or been fired for even trying to do so.

This is not news, we may as well be in China because just like there, they are in essence being run by the government. There are only a few trusted news agencies not on the government payroll. News outlets like Rebel News, True North, The Western Standard, and Canada Land are not on the take, and even if they were offered the money, they would most likely refuse it anyways.

If by chance you do see an article or post from any Legacy Media outlet, it will more than likely be for debunking purposes only. If Legacy Media does actually report the truth, I will give credit where credit is due. Trust me when I say, it will be few and far between for such posts.


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